Excellence in Childcare

9 months was established as a high quality Nursery, offering an exceptional service to parents and superior facilities for children of all ages. We are continuously striving to preserve these high standards in care & education on a daily basis. The OFSTED inspection rated the organisation as excellent and awarded the nursery with the highest achievable outcome, the Inspector wrote ‘Children are happy to attend, confident & secure. Staff provide children with good levels of one to one, particularly the younger children’

Quality Assurance

Our nursery was one of the first providers in the borough to undertake the Quality Assurance scheme offered by the Preschool Learning Alliance. Their scheme ‘Aiming for Quality’ is in addition to statutory registration & inspection and ensures that the highest standards are being achieved at all times.

NMT Awards

9 months was recognised for its outstanding quality together with its use of modern technology. Families magazine recommends it as one of the nurseries in the South West area. As they state ‘The number one priority for all nurseries is to provide quality childcare that parents can trust. One nursery (9 Months) is offering peace of mind to parents via the internet’ The website is updated regularly with children´s photographs and work and can only be accessed via a secure password, which is changed regularly. Parents are able to see their children via the webcams at anytime, anywhere in the world, and the online notice board includes information on upcoming events and the latest nursery news.

Surpassing Preschool Standards

Children leaving the Preschool room in order to begin school are usually beyond the average reading level compared with their new classroom peers. In fact, there have been times, when school teachers have suggested that they go directly to the next class as it is better suited to their educational requirements. This is not because we push the academic goals, it is a natural consequence of spending time in a text rich environment, where books are plentiful and learning is fun and interesting.

More Than a Mouthful

9 Months´ Menus have been inspected by the British Food Agency, in order to ensure nutritious and balanced meals are being provided. Our kitchen hygiene rating continues to remain at 5, which is the highest rating. We introduce children to multicultural meals, which are freshly cooked & prepared on the premises by a qualified cook. Our children learn to eat diverse meals and appreciate flavours from around the world. We discuss the advantages of eating healthy foods and how each food benefits different parts of our bodies.

Parents Testimonials

Children are happy to attend, confident & secure. Staff provide children with good levels of one to one, particularly the younger children – George Ferguson
Our son started attending 9 Months Nursery when he was 18 months old and we noticed a great increase in his development after just four weeks there. Our only regret is that we did not send him to 9 Months sooner!9 Months Nursery provides children with a safe and stimulating environment in which to grow. The management and staff are caring and knowledgeable and look after my son as if he were their own!I am now pregnant with my second child and have already booked a place for the forthcoming baby from when they are six months old! – Priya Duggal