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Quality Assurance

Our nursery was one of the first providers in the borough to undertake the Quality Assurance scheme offered by the Preschool Learning Alliance. Their scheme ‘Aiming for Quality’ is in addition to statutory registration & inspection and ensures that the highest standards are being achieved at all times.

NMT Awards

9 months was recognised for its outstanding quality together with its use of modern technology. Families magazine recommends it as one of the nurseries in the South West area. As they state ‘The number one priority for all nurseries is to provide quality childcare that parents can trust. One nursery (9 Months) is offering peace of mind to parents via the internet’ The website is updated regularly with children´s photographs and work and can only be accessed via a secure password, which is changed regularly. Parents are able to see their children via the webcams at anytime, anywhere in the world, and the online notice board includes information on upcoming events and the latest nursery news.

Healthy Settings Award

9 MN Menus have been inspected by the British Food Agency, in order to ensure nutritious and balanced meals are being provided. We introduce children to multicultural meals, which are freshly cooked & prepared on the premises by a qualified cook. Our children learn to eat diverse meals and appreciate flavours from around the world. We discuss the advantages of eating healthy foods and how each food benefits different parts of our bodies. We were recognised for our exceptional standards in Health & wellbeing when we received the Health Settings Award in 2014. 9MN was one of the first nurseries in the borough to achieve this status and we are very proud of our accomplishments.


Community Partnerships

9MN has a long established positive working partnership the Children & Families Service at the London Borough of Hounslow. We work closely with our Advisor to ensure that we continue in our aim for educational excellence and superior care for all our families. Tasneem Ramji, the nursery Manager and Owner attends regular consultation groups with other Early Years Professionals in the borough to discuss how best to lead and role model best practice. We also work interactively with Managers of neighbouring nurseries to share good practice.

We ensure that we are always up to date on which activities are being offered at local playgroups so that we can keep our parents informed.

Over the years we have built strong relationships with the local Emergency and Health service providers, which means that our children benefit from regular trips to the Fire Station, dentist, opticians and West Middlesex Hospital to learn about how they help us.

Nursery owner says tests for four-year-olds are blunting children’s creativity Tas Ramji, who owns a nursery in Isleworth, criticises obsession with literacy and numeracy from young age

Our collaborative group name is Early Years Excellence, Isleworth, comprising of 9 Months Nursery, De Lacey Montessori, Ladybird Lane Nursery & The Learning Tree. We decided to come together as a group of like minded owner managed nurseries, who had already worked together for the past few years. In 2016 we launched Early Years Excellence to push the boundaries in working in partnership with parents and offer parents opportunities to come together and celebrate their children’s experiences at nursery.

Tas Ramji, who owns a nursery in Isleworth, criticises obsession with literacy and numeracy from young age

Tas Ramji with youngsters and their artwork at 9 Months Nursery in Isleworth Tas Ramji with youngsters and their artwork at 9 Months Nursery in Isleworth

A nursery owner in Hounslow has warned that parents’ growing obsession with academic achievement could be stunting children’s creativity from a young age. There were widespread protests this year about the introduction of SATs (standard assessment tests) for pupils as young as six.

But Tas Ramji, who owns 9 Months Nursery in The Grove, Isleworth, says the pressure on youngsters to succeed often starts even earlier, with parents desperate to get them into the best schools.

Youngsters with some of their artwork which went on display Youngsters with some of their artwork which went on display

“Too often parents don’t value what children do at nursery other than whether they’re able to read and write by the time they get to school age,” she told getwestlondon .

‘Absolutely ridiculous to test a child at four’

“Many independent schools say they will assess your child at the age of four, and parents fly into a panic.

“A lot of those schools insist on children being able to write their own name by the age of four, but not every child is ready for that.

“There’s lots of evidence to show children develop at their own rate up till the age of seven, so to test a child at four is absolutely ridiculous.”

A young child shows off artwork produced for the exhibition A young child shows off artwork produced for the exhibition

Ms Ramji teamed up with the owners of other local nurseries in Isleworth – Jo Short, of Ladybird Lane Nursery; Mona Mirza, of The Learning Tree Childcare; and Charlotte de Lacey, of The de Lacey Montessori School – to organise an exhibition of artwork by their children.

‘Creativity nurtures children’s emotional health’

She said around 150 families had attended the free exhibition, held at the Study Base in Osterley Park on Father’s Day (Sunday, June 19).

She said she and her fellow nursery owners – who have banded together to form the Early Years Excellence, Isleworth alliance – organised the event to highlight the importance of encouraging children to express themselves artistically rather than becoming obsessed with their numeracy and literacy skills.

Families attending the exhibition enjoyed a picnic afterwards Families attending the exhibition enjoyed a picnic afterwards

“Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment,” she said.

“The ability to be creative, to create something from personal feelings and experiences, can reflect and nurture children’s emotional health. The experiences children have during their first years of life can significantly enhance the development of their creativity.”

A family at the exhibition A family at the exhibition

“Why is it then, that only numeracy and literacy are so strongly tracked and assessed even in the early years?”

“We organised the exhibition to celebrate our children’s expressions through their art and to encourage parents to support their children’s creative development.”



Opening Ceremony

9 Months Nursery has provided excellent care and education for the children in the borough for the past 13 years. We have established an outstanding reputation in the local area and children leaving our nursery have gone on to some of the highest achieving school in West London, as well as being accepted onto the gifted programmes of local state schools.

In 2011, the nursery was under serious threat of being evicted from the property due to the Landlord missing mortgage payments. The Bank gave no assistance and the nursery could not find anywhere to locate to within the local area. Against all odds, the nursery owner (Miss Ramji) eventually bought the building herself, expanded the area and refurbished it completely, in order to save the nursery. Major building works began in December 2012 and have only just finished and we did not close our doors for a single day, to the parent’s relief. We have now doubled occupancy and are able to provide quality care and education for even more young children, which is in line with the Governments policy.

The opening ceremony on August 12th 2013 will be a day for celebration for all the efforts the dedicated team have shown over the past 2 years, which has resulted in not only maintaining, but improving 9 Months Nursery, so that future generations of children may benefit from the highest standards in Early Years Education.

Featured In Paper- Top Of The Tots

Stanley Security

In June 2016, 9 Months Nursery won the STANLEY ‘Together for Safer Schools’ Award.

The security company wanted to show their commitment to providing safe learning environments for children, staff, administrators, and visitors so our nursery team can focus on what’s really important – education.

When the Stanley representative first visited our nursery, they commented on how up to date our technology and security systems already were. In order for 9MN to win, our parents were required to vote for our nursery. We were absolutely delighted when we heard that 9MN had acquired the most votes, especially as there were much larger nurseries competing. It reinforced to us the support we have from our parents and their trust in our environment.

Stanley now maintain all of our security systems; from entry phones to webcams and the children thoroughly enjoyed taking photographs with the Managing Director who visited our nursery to present the award.


All a parent wants for their child is for them to grow up happy, loved, confident and to have stong values. Choosing a nursery is therefore an important decision. Not only are you leaving your precious babies to be looked after by someone other than yourselves but you need them to be left in an environment which is nurturing and allows them to grow in a safe and loving establishment which is underpinned with learning. Taking this into account 9 Months Nursery was the only choice for us. Both our children are 9 Months Nursery graduates and we have always felt extremely happy with the level of care, nuturing and learning. Our children are growing and facing the world with confidence. They have individuality and have been given a very strong foundation on which they can build. Our thanks goes to Tas and her team for the passion they have shown looking after our children daily with love, patience, devotion and most of all lots of fun! – Fatima Jamani, Raihan 8 years, Jena 5 years


Experienced, attentive and not just a day job – the best way I can describe the staff at 9 months! The environment at 9months is tailor-made for the children. Safe, friendly and caring team! The 9months team go beyond the call of duty and their advice has always been appreciated. – Sandy-lee Connolly, Eli 2 years


The love, nurturing and care Sophia has received over the past year is second to none. You’re a wonderful team of people and Sophia has loved every minute of her time with you – Natasha Atille, Sophia 3 years


Maggie got continual love, guidance, and challenge in her 3.5 years, and left 9MN a happy and confident girl as she went to school. What more could we want? Thank you – Jonathan Jenkins, Maggie 5 years, Lottie 2 years