Our Award Winning Team

At 9MN, our team is at the heart of our setting. We recognise that any successes, accolades and achievements earned over the years are thanks to our team as a whole and not any one individual.

Caring for and nurturing babies and young children is a privilege and usually a calling. We aim to provide our families with a team holding a broad range of experience and qualifications, but with a shared goal in mind. We developed our mission statement together and support one another in providing the highest quality care and preschool education. Team building is a high priority, and we promote ourselves as the 9MN family, over the years the strength of our team has been mentioned in several of our Ofsted reports. Many of our team members have remained with us for over a decade, some almost two, which is testament to our supportive environment. We have attended one another’s weddings, baby’s christenings and birthday milestone celebrations, and have supported each other through life’s tougher times.

Continuous Professional Development is at the core of our values, as we all agree that the learning never stops.




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Deputy Manager/Early Years Practitioner

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Preschool Room

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