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At all stages of development from babies through to preschoolers, we focus on several key areas of learning and development. This is achieved through our varied activities in our daily routines together with our experienced team understanding how to support each child to achieve his/her full potential across all areas.

We hold bi-annual parents events, to come in and view your child’s Learning Journal, gain a deeper insight into the nursery and have a chance to discuss any questions about your child’s development with their key worker. We do have a very open door approach so at any point, you are welcome to arrange a time to discuss any questions with their key worker during the year.

The key areas of learning we focus on are integrated in the EYFS Framework, which provides support, information, guidance and challenge for all those with responsibility for the care and education of babies and children.

It is important that the Framework is considered within the context of the National Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage. The Framework takes as its focus the child and steers away from subjects, specific areas of experience and distinct curriculum.


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