Baby Room

Just because they are the youngest in the 9MN family, does not mean that the babies are limited to certain activities. Babies at 9MN engage in activities to stimulate all areas of their development. This includes but is not limited to social behaviour skills such as babies eating together, playing together, learning to feed themselves, sharing toys, respecting each other.

Babies enjoy making their first marks with painting, sticking, making collages, hand & feet printing and more. Their own work is displayed on the walls and sent home for parents to cherish and enjoy.

Physical development is an integral area of the curriculum and we are currently taking part in a Physical Literacy project supported by the London Borough of Hounslow.

Babies’ development is stimulated throughout the day, by going on walks, playing in the garden; music singing & movement sessions and using the soft play apparatus . Soft play enables babies to crawl through tunnels, climb onto cubes, move around on the mats and improve flexibility, balance and gross motor development. A variety of construction toys such as Duplo, blocks, Interstars, and mega blocks are offered to develop hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Role play enhances imagination and gives babies an opportunity to engage in social & emotional play. We have teddy bears picnics, playing with dolls and pretend play in the home corner, as well as walking our dolls in buggies and giving them baths in the water tray.

Babies are encouraged to explore their environment by moving, talking and vocalising throughout the day. Practitioners listen to the sounds made by the babies and talk to them with plenty of eye contact. They are praised verbally and encouraged to communicate with those around them.

Learning & development

Sensory development is a key area at this stage, exploring the 5 senses and learning how to use them is imperative.






Brightly decorated rooms with a variety of visual cues including babies own artwork make for a stimulating environment. A range of multi coloured equipment and toys including UV lights, bubble lamp and fluorescent materials manufactured by Spacekraft, pioneers in visual aids for sight & sound development.

Sound Musical toys and instruments to play with and explore. Music & movement sessions; using CD’s, DVD´s, the nursery ipod and singing nursery rhymes daily.

Taste Children are introduced to a variety of tastes in the multicultural menus offered from an early age. Games include food play such as jelly and cooked spaghetti, which enhances their taste buds whilst they are exploring.

Smell Food play & adding essence e.g. vanilla to other tactile activities. Outdoor exploration of the natural environment.

Touch Engaging in tactile exploration of resources and materials during art activities e.g. sticking, collage, painting & drawing. Using the treasure basket which is filled with objects made up of different textured materials. Looking at books made with a variety of materials to experience touching rough, soft, smooth, sticky, bumpy & cushioned surfaces. Using the paint trays to play with water, coloured water, cornflour, porridge, & jelly. Moulding & feeling playdough. We explore our senses in the natural outdoor environment daily.


8.00am – 8.30am Arrival, settling in & breakfast.  – Formula/breast milk/cows milk with cereal, toast & spreads
8.30am – 9.45am Exploratory play using child’s interests in baby room/garden
9.45am – 10.00am Circle & snack time using props
10.00am – 10.15am Nappy changing
10.15 -10.30am Garden time/walk, exploring the outdoor environment
10.30am – 10.45 Transition Time with songs & rhymes Lunch
10.45am – 11.30am (pureed) homemade food & dessert
11.30am to 12pm Transition Time, washing hands, brushing teeth, getting ready for sleep
12.00pm – 2.00pm Relaxation and sleep
2.00pm– 2.15pm Free time & quiet time
2.15pm– 3.00pm Garden & walk time
3.00– 4.00pm Tea – sitting & eating together, discussing the day’s activities. – savoury snack & selection of fruit
4.00 – 6.00pm Free play incorporating outdoor play (weather permitting). Completing any creative art activities from EYFS developmental plans.


Our chef caters for our youngest babies at 9MN. During the settling in period, parents share stages of weaning and what babies have tried to date. We always recommend that 1st foods are tried at home before we offer at nursery. In addition to the menus featured here, our cook prepares fresh stews, casseroles, pastas etc for all babies at teatime.

All our dishes are made with fresh & natural produce and we never use a microwave or ready meals. We endeavour to introduce a varied and multicultural menu in order to increase their palate and stimulate their taste buds.

We do not serve red meat or pork dishes.

Click here to download the menu.

Baby Room

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