There are not many people I know today who love their job as much as I do, I opened the doors of 9MN in 2001 and continue to enjoy a hands on role today. I have a Masters in Child Development, I am an Early Years Professional and am a qualified Baby Massage Instructor. I enjoy the continuous professional development aspect of the Early Years. Caring for and educating the next generation is the most rewarding career I can think of, everyday brings new challenges and new developments which help us to grow as a team. Children in the early years are curious and vivacious little people and engaging them keeps you young and keeps you smiling. I endeavour to provide the most stimulating environment I can for the children and the staff, so that every child has the best start in life and can benefit from varied learning opportunities. Seeing children excited to start school with confidence and a thirst for knowledge fills me with pride, I hope I will always be lucky enough to be surrounded by the best generation there is.