WELCOME TO 9Months Nursery

We are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm 51 weeks of the year. 9MN is a family run nursery and we have been established as a high-quality Nursery since 2001. We offer an exceptional service to parents and superior facilities for children of all ages. We are continuously striving to preserve these high standards in care & education on a daily basis. Our OFSTED reports are consistently good, with areas of outstanding practice and we have earned an excellent reputation in the local area, with many families sending their second and third children to us. The importance we place on team building goes a long way to explain our exceptionally low staff turnover, with some team members being here from the very first day. Our team see 9MN as a home from home, which gives it the family feel, children and parents come to love and depend upon. Webcams in every room, as well as the outdoor play areas, give first time and anxious parents the reassurance they need when leaving their little ones for the first time. Parents may login to a secure site, to view their babies and children at any time during the day and watch them making new friends and enjoying exciting challenges.

About 9Months Nursery

9 months was established as a high-quality Day Nursery in 2001, offering an exceptional service to parents and superior facilities for children of all ages. We are continuously striving to preserve these high standards in care & education. Since opening we have always received good OFSTED inspections, the last inspector noted ‘Staff provide children with a wide variety of experiences to extend their learning and support their good progress. For example, they have weekly visits to the local library to borrow books that support children’s interests in the nursery.’

“Maggie got continual love, guidance, and challenge in her 3.5 years, and left 9MN a happy and confident girl as she went to school. What more could we want? Thank you”

Parent – Jonathan Jenkins

Outdoor Learning

Our nursery is one of the only settings in the area that provides off site learning opportunities for our toddlers and Preschool. The children are up and out every morning after breakfast. Not only do they learn vital skills such as road safety and local geography, but they put their classroom learning into practice. We go on sound walks, treasure hunts, puddle trails, local library visits and so much more. Our morning walks build the children’s confidence, increase their vocabulary and give them the fresh air and physical exercise that they need to grow.


9 months was recognised by the Nursery Management Today magazine, for its outstanding quality together with its use of modern technology. We offer our parents peace of mind via our secure webcams in all rooms and outdoor spaces. Parents are able to see their children at any time during the day and from anywhere in the world. Parents often comment that they chose our nursery for the webcam facility, however they stayed for the outstanding care and commitment of the team.

Surpassing Preschool Standards

Children leaving the Preschool room in order to begin school are usually beyond the average reading level compared with their new classroom peers. They thrive in their learning skills and are interested in numbers and letters. This is not because we push the academic goals, it is a natural consequence of spending time in a text rich environment with high staff ratios, where books are plentiful, and learning is fun and interesting.

“At 9MN we recognise that it can be very costly for young families to take holidays once enrolled in a day nursery. In an effort to try and help, we have a parent holiday scheme, whereby registered parents can ‘sell’ their days on to other parents in the nursery. This way families can recoup some of their monthly fees whilst relaxing on holiday.”

Parent Holiday Scheme

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